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Welcome to the Genie News and Information Service

Genie is a free electronic service for residents and businesses in the Goring Gap serving Goring and South Stoke on the Oxfordshire side of the Gap and Streatley on the Berkshire side.

Genie is a not-for-profit service run by unpaid community volunteers for the benefit of the community and completely independent. It does not accept commercial advertisements which ensures its news is impartial, non-commercial and non-political, so readers can trust the veracity of its output. Genie is a low cost service funded solely by donations from charitable and non-commercial organisations which support its aims.

News is delivered to subscribers by email using two different e-newsletters: Village Matters is twice-monthly and mainly for topical local news and events of general interest, Public Information is for urgent and important public announcements which is sent out at short notice, as and when needed. In addition to these newsletters, general, useful local information is available on this website under the LOCAL INFORMATION tab at the top of all pages. Genie’s social media channels, Twitter and Facebook and its online Calendar provide further information.

Genie was set up in 2017 with the primary aim of linking as many local online households as possible, into one mailing list for use in an emergency when people might need to be contacted urgently. Genie’s Public Information bulletins proved invaluable during the Covid pandemic and are the preferred method of communicating information for future emergencies.

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