Your Next Newsletter

We are always looking for ideas for new newsletters...

There are so many possibilities for new titles and any subscriber who feels there may be enough interest in a particular subject (general or specialist) which might be a popular addition to the range of Genie newsletters, please contact us to discuss their idea.

Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of newsletters which can be created, so long as the Genie team believe there may be enough people wanting to subscribe to receive them and volunteers to edit them.

The proposer of the prospective new title would need to be prepared to edit it and help the team to build a subscriber base, but that would not be too difficult. Editing is done from a home computer anywhere, so this is easy to manage in your spare time.

If we agree the new title might enhance the family of Genie newsletters, we would add a page about it on the Genie website under ‘Newsletters’, so people could read about it. Then we would include a brief item about its availability on the next Public Information newsletter, as this one will have the widest circulation and catch the most attention.

There are a number of titles we believe would be popular and we are looking for people to take on the task of compiling the editorial for them and editing the newsletter. These are:

Swap Shop - a freecycle newsletter where people with good, serviceable items (of whatever type) submit a description of the goods they would like to dispose of, and maybe a photograph, along with a their contact details for anyone to collect the items free of charge.

Also, the same newsletter would list items wanted by residents. In addition, services could be exchanged and also a free classified ads could be published where higher value items could be bought and sold. Eventually, the scope of this newsletter could also include links to local networks specialising in skill exchanges. For instance, South Oxfordshire LETS trade skills, services and goods on a cashless basis.

Sport, Health and Fitness - A listing and news of events of interest to people wanting to get and/or keep fit, along with sport, walking, outdoor activities and health-related information etc.

Culture and Leisure - A listing of many of the arts and other cultural events going on in and around the Goring Gap which may be of interest to subscribers. This could also include deadlines for auditioning etc.

Skills & Learning - A newsletter describing courses, classes and educational activities of all types available for all ages throughout the Goring Gap. To include U3A groups and WEA courses, where you can learn to sail, bellring, repair clocks or improve language skills etc. This type of newsletter would include appropriate websites and links to application forms and further information.

Conservation & Sustainability - Ongoing or new projects which may be of interest to others, along with tips and information about novel recycling ideas and anything to encourage good practice for local and other saving the planet

If anyone is interested in any of these or other ideas for new titles, please email the Genie team using: